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Charcoal Haircare That You Need To Try

I popped down to Melbourne for the weekend. All was going well, until I decided to do a quick wash and go with some travel-size shampoo that I had picked up from the local supermarket.

I usually try to take good care of my hair. Over the years, the once long, luscious locks, needed some extra TLC to stay healthy. So, knowing only too well that brushing through wet, conditioner-free hair, was a no-go, I don't know why I still went ahead. I suppose my thinking was that it was better to have super dry hair than flight-shrivelled dirty hair.

So, after brushing through a tangled mess, I knew I had to do some extra TLC once back in Sydney. Luckily for me, H2b Charcoal had sent a plethora of their haircare goodies and I used these to get my hair back to its lively state.

H2B Charcoal are market leaders in charcoal hair products. They founded their range 20 years ago, and over the decade and a half since, have perfected their treatments. They know that there is nothing that comes close to their own range.

Charcoal Hair Products

I've heard of charcoal products before- I've used them as masks, teeth whitening, mouthwash and the like, but never in haircare. The founder of Charcoal Hair had assured me that I would love his products, and he was certainly not wrong.

I had initially feared that charcoal would be too drying for my hair, or may even strip it of its colour, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Not only does the blonde look more vibrant, but my hair was silky soft.

My hair felt clean, fresh, and much much much healthier.

Charcoal and Hair Health

From my research, charcoal can help cleanse and clean the scalp. This is good for a number of reasons. Firstly, hair feels cleaner and healthier, but secondly, removing impurities ensures that your hair follicles are not blocked, meaning hair is able to grow thicker and longer.

I have used the four products gifted to me for the purpose of this blog. These include the shampoo and conditioner, which alone, provide so much nutrition to the hair. The mask is great as a weekly treatment and a small blob goes a long way. I foresee this product lasting a long time, so it's certainly worth the investment. I also applied a couple of drops of the oil to damp, towel-dried hair, which left my hair feeling soft, and I was able to brush my fingers through it with ease.

Would I recommend these products? Certainly. If you are committed to looking after the health of your hair, look no further than H2B's Charcoal Hair, available at:


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