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Drink More Water: Hydrogen Water That Is.

Pretty much everyone that I know has set a goal or resolution to drink more water. I know it's been my monthly resolution since the dawn of time. Ok. Maybe not quite that long, but I know the importance of hydration and I know that I am often not getting enough water.

I start my day with two cups of coffee. It takes two cups to make me a fully functioning adult that's capable of being a civilised human being. Without coffee, I may well not get out of bed. 

Caffeine, while having many health benefits, is a diuretic, meaning it's important to drink more water to replace any that's lost. I also exercise a fair bit, meaning hydration is essential. 

The Goal

I am a health coach and fitness model. I know the benefits of hydration and I know that my cognitive abilities decline when I'm parched. That is why I decided to up my water intake. Drinking water can feel like a chore, especially when you don't feel overly thirsty and it's easy just to reach for a hot drink.

When I heard about H2 Balance, I knew I needed to try their water bottles. H2 Balance bottles are molecular hydrogen infused water bottles that simply hydrogenate your water with the press of a button. They're cool in the sense they glow and change colours as the water is being hydrogenated, and it honestly doesn't feel like you're drinking water. To me, it just tasted different. It was easy. 

H2 Balance Benefits

Hydrogen water comes with an array of benefits from increased energy to cognitive improvements. Molecular hydrogen also acts as an antioxidant that are a precursor to the increase in enzymes that fight free radicals. This is important as free radicals are potentially carcinogenic. Antioxidants safeguard against these. 

The bottle is simple to use as you simply fill it with tap water and press the button. The water is hydrogenated, resulting in a positive cumulative effect on the body. Individuals boast increased energy, a reduction in stress and inflammation, increased sporting abilities and a better immune system. The lack of plastic and throw away bottles mean you're playing a significant role in being more eco-friendly and helpful to the planet too. The bottles are both reusable and rechargeable. 

What Actually is Hydrogen Water?

While there are a whole host of physical benefits, increased performance also comes from hydrogen water's mood boosting abilities. Having increased cognitive functioning is important for me as I often need to decipher large volumes of research quickly. Drinking the water has been hydrating me, making me feel more alert, and giving me a bit of a buzz.

Knowing all of the health benefits, and being able to drink molecular hydrogen from a water bottle that glows, is turquoise (my favourite colour), and is easy-to-use, I'd fully recommend H2 Balance. 

Choose from three colours. Get yours here. 


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