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Esse Handcream: Serum For Your Hands

I think we are all using a lot more handsanitiser these days. Washing, washing and more washing can make hands feel dry and chapped, so it's important to counteract any dryness with a good hydrating handcream.

I'm very picky when it comes to hand lotion. Many high street brands simply don't offer the level of hydration that I want, and the ones I love are super expensive. $80 for a handcream, anyone?!

So, trying this beautiful, natural and organic handcream from Esse has been great. It really does feel like a serum for the hands.

It's healthy, doesn't contain any nasties, and also has a mild SPF, which is very important in the Australian sun. I love that it contains Esse's probiotic blend that keeps your microbiome levels perfect.

When we're overusing handsanitiser, we can essentially disrupt the good bacteria on our hands. Good bacteria is needed for healthy skin. Using a probiotic blend can help restore your microbiome, while simultaneously hydrating and protecting.

But, does it work?

Short answer is yes. It's blend is soft, meaning it soaks into your hands so quickly. I noticed a difference in my complexion right away. My hands now have that peaches and cream look of younger years. They're more hydrated and feel softer to touch. I'm impressed.

While we're talking about Esse, they have also brought out a new hyaluronic acid serum that I love. This is a face serum, combining hyaluronic acid with probiotics that soak right into the skin.

I'm part way through using the serum, but overall, I find it hydrating and firming, and it's the perfect serum to keep winter skin plump. I'll give a further update soon.

For organic, natural and probiotic skincare, check out Esse here:

Esse gifted me the products for the purpose of this blog.


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