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June Fox: Specs That Help You Sleep Better

As a psych, I've taught workshops on sleep hygiene. Blue light disrupts our sleep because it mimicks the light from the sun and influences our sleep hormone production. If we have too much blue light before bed, our mind is deluded into thinking it is still daytime and our sleep suffers.

As a result of this, we usually advise people to limit blue light exposure before bed and turn off technology two hours before sleep. But, we all know that that's a pretty hard ask, especially when we're all trying to entertain ourselves during lockdown.

While I've managed to put the blue light filter on my phone, there are no options for TV and laptops, meaning exposure before bed can keep us awake.

That was until I heard about June Fox Eyewear. A chic, handcrafted spectacles brand that have blue light filters in their lenses. This means I can watch TV and do last minute work tasks without fear of exposing my eyes to blue light.

The range of glasses are great. There's a style for everyone. My own choice was some leopard print and turquoise-framed glasses, because, well, I just love leapard print. I also wanted something super chic.

So now, while watching TV in my bespectacled glory, the only guilt I feel is from binge watching five episodes of The Handmaid's Tail in one night.

You can check out more of June Fox's designs here:

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