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Loving the new ESK range

I've been using ESK for over six months now. I'm extremely impressed with the products and how well they work with my skin. I also love that each range is tailored to your skin type and a questionnaire determines what range you're to be given.

When I saw that ESK had come up with another AMAZING range, I knew I had to try them. Their brilliant PR team were able to send me a lovely package filled with full-size products, their new eye cream, B quenched serum and peptide primer, and, I have to say that these are incredible.

The eye cream is probably the best I've tried. It is thick and soaks straight in, instantly brightening my eyes. I also love how great the serums are and I noticed an immediate brightening effect from using them. My skin was super clear, even and brighter than usual.

Serums are a very important part of my regime. I love the zinc shade, but I also layer a factor 50 SPF over the top for additional protection. Because I do this, I need a good serum and primer to help the SPF soak in. All of the day serums are great for this. The C serum is great, but since I opt to use the other serums on top, I add only a small pump of this serum so that I can add more of the B quenched and primer. This also helps set my make-up for the day and it looks dewy, without feeling sticky.

I've written extensively regarding my main regime, but the addition of the eye cream, Q Quenched and Primer mean I have more to talk about.

The eye serum is a blend of peptide and antioxidant ingredients that brighten the eyes, reducing darker pigmentation. The Q quenched is a vitamin B3 blend with Hemp Seed that provides support for reducing pigmentation and also moisturising the skin, and the Peptide Primer offers additional moisture to the skin, while also providing a base for SPF and makeup. Peptides are also powerful anti-aging ingredients too.

I'll provide a video blog with an update on my ESK journey, but in the meantime, be sure to check out Evidence Skincare (ESK) online. You'll love them.


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