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My Friday Favourites

The first of many of the Friday Favourites or Friday Faves blogs is here. Hoorayyy!!! I deliberated on whether to use favourites or faves because I still want to retain some of my British heritage and not succumb to the Australian pressure of shortening every. single.word.

OK...maybe I'll mix it up a little. I'm a Braussie, after all. 

This blog will showcase my favourite goodies of the week. It's a place to talk about those items that have sparked a bit of joy in me. They have given the week a little more colour and provided a spring in my step. So, the first of the Friday Favourites goes to...**drum roll**

Wod Up Activewear

Wod Up is an eco-friendly, sustainable range of trendy activewear hailing from downunder. Its signature slogan is #makeyourimpact and you'll find a host of active, athletic nature-lovers on instagram rocking the attire. 

Sweat proof and squat-friendly, the range is durable and comfortable to wear. I rocked mine during an intense barre class in 30+ heat. I ran in them, wore the leggings for hours on end, and went canoeing in the heatwave. Yet, I still felt fresh. 

They have a range of colours and include options for both men and women. You can check out their range here.

Next up is the Super Smoothie Collection from Super Cubes

I can honestly say that I needed these. It's been super hot and I've been quite active and on the go, so the Super Cubes smoothie mix have been perfect for me. You may be asking, but what are Super Cubes? And that, my dear friend, is a valid question. I did expect some mind-reading here. 

I've watched my flatmate embark on a twice-a-day juice diet. He's lost 10 kgs, so there's nothing wrong with that. But when the blender wakes you up from a deep stupor at 6 am, there's everything wrong with that. You see, he's been blending everything from kale to apples to ginger and it's certainly not a quiet affair. It's messy too. And those blender thingies are not the easiest to clean. 

What is easy is when your mix comes frozen and ready to go in ice cube form. It makes life a whole lot easier. It's cleaner too. And not just in the blending sense. You know you're getting pure, all-natural ingredients that fill you up. 

My Super Cubes arrived in a lovely orange bag that also happens to couple as a lunch box. Hey, resourceful is my middle name! (No it's not, but that's neither here nor there). I quickly checked the ingredients and was pleased to see that there were absolutely no nasties. I even dived straight in and sampled the choc banana delight. It was love. 

As a bit of a chocoholic. OK, a lot of a chocoholic. My first choices were the choc banana and the Wake Me Up, which also happens to have one of my other favourites vices in...caffeine. To indulge in these healthy treats, simply place 2 to 3 cubes in your blender and mix with milk to taste.  I mixed mine with oat milk, but you can try what you like. You can also add some berries, flaxseed and breakfast toppers too.  It makes for the perfect pick me up. 

Super Cubes comes in four scrumptious flavours:  Wake Me Up,  Choc Banana, Berry Digest and Super Greens. To taste these beautiful flavours, check out Super Cubes here:

And, finally, we come to the handy little Messy Girl Stain Remover Pen

This little handy device fits perfectly in my pocket and in my makeup bag. It's perfect for a night out, or when wearing white. The device claims to clean off stains instantly, and, I can say, its claims are right. I did a li'l experiment on a new white towel and poured some tea on it as a test. The pen removed the stain, turning it white again, and the whole experiment was completed in less than five minutes.

Now I must admit, I was a bit cautious with this one. I didn't experiment on my new white top, that's for sure. But, now that I've done the towel test, I'm confident that it will effectively remove any stain.

Red wine is next. 

If you're a messy gal and need a messy girl stain remover pen, hit up their website here:


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