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My Friday Favourites

Back again with my Friday Favourites. 

First up is the lovely Rodan and Fields facial that I received from aesthetic skin practitioner, Debs, at SBDI. It was relaxing and much needed as I hadn't had a facial in ages. My skin needed a burst of hydration, purely because I had been using a ton of AHAs and retinol at home. Debs recognised that my skin was slightly parched and in need of a hydrating boost and tailored the products to my needs.

Debs was brilliant. I was super relaxed as she massaged my aching shoulders and cleansed my face. After the facial, my skin was instantly brightened and radiant. I was glowing, which is exactly the name of the facial: Glow. 

If you're keen for some glowing skin and relaxation, get in contact with Debs here.

The Earth Eatery Co

The Earth Eatery Co provide sustainable products from the Earth's natural resources. My wooden bowls and folk and spoon were great, and I particularly loved the golden metal straws that arrived. 

I drink my tea and coffee with reusable straws. I was buying lots of plastic ones, which is neither good for your health, nor nice to the environment so I switched to glass ones instead. The only issue with glass straws is that they have a habit of breaking. 

The golden bronze straws are just lovely. They come with your very own straw cleaner and bag.  If you're keen to protect the environment, reduce waste and plastic, then The Earth Eatery Co is the way forward. 

Zoono Household Products

My batch of cleaning products arrived from Zoono and I got my Cinderella-mode on swiftly. I'd had my wisdom tooth out and was on antibiotics as a precaution, plus my flatmate came down with shingles, so it was important to get a full cleanse of our apartment. 

The antimicrobial bomb was perfect for my small study-turned-bedroom. I also wanted to turn the room into a femme boudoir, a haven to relax, so I gutted the room and started from scratch. I cleaned the floors and used the wipes to clean off the cabinets so everything was sparkling clean before I transformed the room. It smelt clinical, and I knew it was super clean and germ free. I am a bit pedantic about cleanliness, especially when it's a must post- wisdom tooth op. Tooth extraction can leave a gap for bacteria to enter, so I needed to ensure that I wasn't exposing myself to any unnecessary germs.

Once I had revamped my room and cleaned the flat with these antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral super products, I lit a candle and some oils to add some feminine smells.  I felt safe in the knowledge that any potential lingering shingles virus would have been exterminated. 

The wipes and spray are especially useful for cleaning our bathroom scales. We have a pool and sauna in our apartment, and, sadly, people do come down with all sorts of feet nasties. Thankfully, with antifungal protection from Zoono, your tootsies are in safe hands. 

To learn more about Zoono's advanced antimicrobial technology, visit their website here.


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