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A Handy Little Snack for on the Go With FodBods

As a mum to a toddler, finding time to eat can be a challenge. With the Fodbods range, healthy snacking is made easy.

I'm very picky with what I eat. I'm a vegan and I also want to make sure that everything I put in my mouth is nutritious and beneficial, especially when I have a young toddler to run after.

Keeping up with a one year old pint-sized Olympian is like trying to keep up with Usain Bolt. That's why I need to grab good, nutritious snacks throughout the day.

Fodbods kindly sent me a supply of their vegan goodies to try for this blog review, and, my goodness, are they tasty. As a peanut butter lover, I love their chocolate and peanut butter flavoured bars, but all of the bars I've sampled have been great.

Fodbod fun facts

Fodbods are fodmap-friendly, vegan, have 100% natural ingredients, and are filled with protein (16 grams to 20 grams per bar).

They are made in Australia and contain no nasty ingredients. They're anti-bloating, perfect for on the run, and a nice healthy treat with your coffee or evening hot chocolate.

It's good knowing that Fodbods have a nutritional advisor helping them craft their bars. It's also great that I have snacks to add to my handbag that I don't need to prepare in advance. Time is of the essence, after all.

The Fodbods range come in several flavours and sizes. I love the mini strawberry shortcake bars. The bigger chocolate peanut butter bars are quite filling so will definitely help if you're in a rush and don't have time for a small meal (this one's for you, new mummas). They have a nibbles range too.

Overall, I'm super impressed with these snacks. Finding good healthy, vegan-friendly protein bars has been tricky, but Fodbods has understood the assignment.

You can purchase fodbods here:


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