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Actively Nourish With Peta Ryan

Nutrition is so important to me. I notice a massive difference when I change up my diet for the better. Food is fatigue busting, as well as mood boosting.

Peta Ryan, the nutritionist and founder of Actively Nourish, lives by these principles. As a busy mother of three, she knows the difference nutrition can make. Mums need good food to stay active, after all.

As a new mum, nutrition has become even more important to me. I need the energy to keep up with the needs of my six month old daughter.

Peta kindly sent me her full range to try. The range included a delicious protein shake, a renew formula, detox and cleanse drinks, and a lovely watermelon powder to help boost energy and my metabolism.

Each drink was lean and clean and packed to the max with goodies. The blends contained charcoal, BCAAs, spirulina, amino acids and much much more.

It really took the thinking out of my nutritional needs. I'd pack a shake in and felt like I'd packed a punch of life-enhancing nutrients into my body. It tasted yum too.

I noticed a difference even after one shake. I felt lighter, much less bloated and balanced. I had more energy and felt less aches. It was the lightness that I loved. My stomach was noticeably flatter, so much so that when I skipped a few days while travelling, I noticed a difference.

Since I tried the full range, I was able to see the difference quite quickly. The protein helped me feel satiated, while the rest of the powders did their work on detoxing my system, boosting my metabolism and energy, and giving me an overall feeling of radiance and vitality.

The ingredients list is noteworthy because they're vegan, clean, dairy free and gluten free, so pretty much OK for anyone to have.

If you're on a keto diet, the protein shake is great. It contains MCTs to promote fat loss, while giving you energy. The weight loss bundle also has active ingredients such as raspberry ketones to promote ketosis.

The seven day detox really helps kick charge your digestive system and works by clearing out your system. I love the use of charcoal to do this as I have yet to try charcoal in my diet.

All in all, I highly recommend Actively Nourish because it's jam-packed with nutritional goodness and is great value for money. The powders also contain a range of active ingredients, so you don't need to buy them individually. You'll also feel the difference within days.

You can check out Actively Nourish here.


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