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Daymakr Planner

Most of us want to get more organised. I know I do.

As a psychologist, writer, teacher and blogger, advanced organisational skills is something that is a must.

So, when Daymakr sent me their vegan-covered planner, I was super excited. Not only is it an organiser/diary, but it's also a place that I can add my notes, journal, list my goals and tasks, and do some visualisation.

I've found the planner really helpful. It's a good place to keep everything together, as normally you'd need separate books for each.

I also love the colour, theme and minimalist design as it's a good place to gain clarity.

Daymakr offer both vegan and leather planners. They're covered by warranty, and also make great gifts.

Here's to being more organised.

Check out Daymakr at


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