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Feeling Zen: The MichelleZ Endermologie Session that Relaxes as it Smooths

Endermologie is a form of body sculpting that uses massage to tone, firm, and smooth stubborn areas. It is a known treatment for cellulite; in fact, it is the only FDA approved treatment for smoothing out orange peel.

Endermologie works by increasing circulation and ridding the body of toxins through its lymphatic drainage. It has been shown to reduce cellulite and smooth out unequal skin tone in over 85 clinical studies.

Cellulite is stubborn. Over 90% of women have cellulite, and it often resists diet and exercise. No matter how much water you drink or detoxing you do, cellulite often proves difficult to budge. That’s why many women are turning to technology to help them tone their thighs and rid them of their dimples for good.

What’s more is that surgical procedures such as liposuction often worsen the appearance of cellulite. Women that hoped losing their excess fat through going under the knife have found that, although their thighs may have shrunk, their dimply skin is more pronounced. Such result can leave women feeling even lower in confidence as they’d spent their hard-earned cash on wanting to look their best, with the results failing them.

Michelle Z Clinic

Michelle Zen is the owner of Sydney-based clinic, MichelleZ. She believes in an holistic approach to beauty and wellness. One that encompasses gut health, nutrition and inner wellbeing. Eating healthy, managing stress, and ridding the body of unnecessary toxins are all part of Michelle’s approach. That’s why she has so many loyal clients.

How Does Endermologie Work?

Endermologie utilises a hand-held device to gently lift and tone the connective tissue. This subsequently helps increase circulation and breaks down stubborn fat deposits, thus softening the fibrosis around fat cells. It results in an increase in metabolism, a decrease in cellulite, smoother more toned thighs, and a boost in the area’s collagen and elastin. The results speak for themselves.

I am a massive fan of endermologie. Before trying the service with Michelle, I had read so many positive reviews. Women had seen a marked or total reduction in cellulite and toning of their stubborn areas.

For me, I’m slim, athletic and eat healthy. I also exercise a lot. I am very active and look after myself, but I always had stubborn areas near by bottom that I wanted toning more. Michelle recommended a course of treatment, having several sessions per week for one month to see results, and then monthly or weekly maintenance sessions.

After just five sessions, I have seen a massive improvement in the texture of my skin. It is certainly a treatment that I would love to continue with. It’s relaxing, painless, and something you can do on your lunch break.

If you’re keen to try Endermologie, check out


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