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Fotona: The Kim Kardashian of Facial Treatments

I have just recently experienced my first laser treatment. Before this, my knowledge of laser centred on seeing pictures of scabbed, peeling skin that resulted in the client (or victim) being housebound for a week of so. So, when I heard about a new laser treatment. made famous by Kim Kardashian herself, I just knew I had to try it.

New lasers don't burn the skin like they used to. They tend to be non-ablative, meaning they heat the surface below the skin, stimulating collagen production and tightening and firming too. A new laser, such as Fotona 4D is a 4 in 1. It stimulates collagen production, increases firmness, helps remove wrinkles, and superficially exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and any pigmentation. The results are remarkable.

Fotona at 99 Medispa

I saw Dr. Cai, a friendly doctor with a wealth of knowledge and experience, at 99 Medispa in the heart fo Sydney's CBD. The staff were friendly, had their own vast knowledge of each service, and were able to promptly answer any questions I had. The clinic is beautiful, smells great, and has a boutique clinical feel, which makes it perfect to relax. I felt like I was in safe hands.

I was able to easily trust Dr. Cai. There's something about having treatments performed by a doctor that puts you at ease. Their knowledge of facial anatomy is excellent. They know what works and what will not, and can advise accordingly.

After a thorough consultation, I lay down to have my treatment. Dr. Cai decided to work on my nasolabial fold area, jawline and neck. These were the areas that I wanted firming, and I have had smile lines (nasolabial folds) since pre-birth. I exited the womb smiling and I don't think I have stopped since.

Dr. Cai explained that, while I would see a difference with one fotona treatment, having 3 treatments in succession (2-4 weeks apart) will result in optimal results. Clients usually then have a treatment top up 18 months later. Such longevity means that this is a cost-effective solution against facial sagging.

How Does Fotona 4D work?

Fotona 4d has four stages. For me, a wand-like device was placed in my mouth and heated up the nasolabial fold area. It was hot, but bearable, and actually felt quite good. Weirdly, I felt my cheeks get firmer and tighter. Upon looking in the mirror, I proclaimed that Dr. Cai was a miracle worker, and noticed an immediate improvement of my smile lines. I was impressed. More so, because I was informed that I would continue to see improvements. At this rate, I'd have baby soft skin, I thought.

Once Dr. Cai had worked on the smile area, he used his device to zap my skin. This was the skin resurfacing and resulted in the skin being laser exfoliated. While this was slightly more painful, on a scale of 1-10, I'd rate 4, it was still bearable. My main concern was my skin would blister, but I was assured this would not happen. Sure enough, my skin looked smooth and clear.

Once this part of the laser had finished, we commenced stage 3, which resulted in a warming massage of the chin, lower cheeks and jaw area. The heat heats up the lower levels of the dermis to help stimulate more collagen, meaning that skin becomes firmer over time.

Finally, at stage four, the laser is used to give what feels like a mini peel. This results in a tiny, painless, prickling sensation on the skin, that, once done, leaves the skin looking glowing and polished.

There is literally no down time for the Fotona 4d Facelift. You can have it on your lunch break and head back to work. You can even hit the bar, your skin will look amazing. While the no-surgery "facelift" offers immediate results, results improve over time too. It's the perfect treatment for those that want instant firmer, younger looking skin without the knife.

My treatment at 99 Medispa was excellent. It resulted in an instant glow and a noticeable difference to my jaw and lower face. My skin felt smoother too. The convenience factor of a spa in the city is also useful for those that are time-strapped and want to look after their skin during their lunch or when they finish at 5.

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