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Larissa Bright Skincare: Aromatherapy at Your Fingertips

I'm a big lover of spa days. I love the smells, the relaxation, and the amazing smoothness of my skin after.

Having a new baby has meant my spa visits have been put on hold for the time being, so it was nice to be sent a little spa package to use at home.

The Larissa Bright Skincare collection is vegan, aromatherapeutic, and has potent ingredients designed perfectly to hydrate and heal the skin.

Her range is beautiful. It smells amazing, and you're immediately relaxed and taken to place of zen and calm. That would be the inclusion of lavender for you.

Each product has a host of vitamins, minerals, and essential oils to boost the skin's youthful glow. Designed with retinol, AHAs, and oils, the skin is nourished while exfoliated.

The skincare comes in a full kit so you don't need to use anything else. The cleanser is lightweight, so it doesn't strip or dehydrate your skin, while the toner doesn't contain alcohol so it doesn't sting the skin.

The papaya exfoliant scrub is an excellent way of getting rid of dead or dry skin. It's something that can be used once or twice a week for skin pick-me-up. Skin feels brighter and smoother after.

While you can't use the sea kelp mask at the same time as the exfoliant, the mask is a great way to increase the skin's firmness and balance the t-zone if you have combination skin.

Finally, the creams are an excellent form of hydration. The night cream contains AHA so your skin undergoes an exfoliation while you sleep. It's like a facial that you don't need to leave your home for. Following with the day complex and your skin will feel plump and swell.

I've also been using the miracle elixr a few times a week. It's a potent antioxidant that's rich in oils that nourish the skin, hydrate it, and stimulate natural cell rejuvenation. The inclusion of olive squalene can increase the skin's moisture levels by up to 50%.

Impressive Skin Range

I'm impressed with this skin range. It's natural and vegan for a start. I like the inclusion of antioxidants and cosmeceutical ingredients along with essential oils and olive squalene. It's a unique blend that I haven't tried before.

The benefit of this skincare is that it soaked into the skin without that sticky feeling, so it felt like all the ingredients definitely penetrated.

Larissa Bright Skincare has grown organically over the last twenty years. Larissa also has over 700 5 star reviews from committed customers that love the benefits they are seeing in their skin.

If you'd like to read more about the Larissa Bright Skincare, check out


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