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LifeVac: A Life Saving Device All Parents Should Have

I'm a natural worrier when it comes to my daughter. I know that mums worry, so I've accepted that worrying is a big part of our make up as mothers. That said, I like to be armed with as much knowledge as I can.

I did a first aid course for babies and children through the local hospital before I had my daughter. It was scary, but it's a recommendation that all parents do it. I felt it at least armed me with enough knowledge to give me a little bit of peace of mind.

One thing that has made me feel ill is reading some of the child tragedies on social media. I know they're every parents worst nightmare and it's enough to make you feel sick, but these stories make you aware of what to watch out for. They are shared for that purpose, no matter how upsetting they are.

One particularly upsetting story was that of a child who choked while in a car seat. Thrusts and first aid tragically failed.

LifeVac for Choking

The LifeVac is a vacuum suction device used if traditional first aid measures fail.

When my daughter started solids, I was quite nervous with her eating. It's terrifying to see your child gag on food as they're learning how to chew and eat.

I'd learnt about what to do if a child is choking in my first aid training, but what I didn't know is that these techniques aren't always effective.

I saw a TikTok clip of a nurse sharing about why she always has a vacuum suction device handy in her home if back thrusts fail, and that was the first time I'd heard about its failure rate. If back thrusts don't work, what do we do?!

A friend then mentioned that she was purchasing the LifeVac device having seen one on TV, so I decided to look into it.

Having done my research, I realised the LifeVac is something that all cafes and restaurants should have. It should be readily available for both adults and children, if needed. I definitely feel it's something that should be talked about in First Aid courses too.

Having the LifeVac has given me further peace of mind. Simon, the owner of LifeVac Australia, has shared about how this device has saved many lives. It's a device that is available around the globe.

The device comes in both adult and child sizes and is in a bright yellow bag so that it's easy to see. You should have it in an easily accessible location or tie around a high chair.

While I hope I never have to use the LifeVac, having one definitely alleviates some of my worry. Knowing what I know about choking, I'm more conscious of how I serve food to my little one. Food safety is still paramount.

The LifeVac has saved countless lives and gives peace of mind. I'd highly recommend getting one, or, if you're a restaurant or cafe owner, consider adding one to your First Aid kit too.

LifeVac are currently going through a backlog of orders due to recent media coverage, so please be patient when waiting for your order.

You can purchase one here:


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