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Macros, Micros and Highly Nutritional Ready Meals

I am a modern woman. A modern woman that likes to eat smart. I love healthy, wholesome meals that pack in a range of nutrients, but sometimes time works against me when it comes to cooking a nutritious meal from scratch.

While I love to put a nice meal together, during the week, I aim for something more practical; something that can be squeezed into a busy lifestyle. This doesn't allow for the creative juices to run, and I often find myself making repetitive dishes, so I needed something that was quick, tasty, and nutritionally sound.

Enter Macros provides nutritionally-sound and tasty ready meals that are ready in two minutes. There's a range of dishes and selections to choose from. From meat lovers to plant-based diets, have you covered. Each meal is protein packed and ready to eat. You simply need to pop it into the microwave for two mins, et voila, they're done.

I had my first plant-based meal with a glass of wine. It felt like a cheeky take-away, but was healthy and packed a macro-induced punch. I'm a long-term vegetarian, so plant-based protein is a must to keep my muscles running. I am also slightly obsessive when it comes to my protein intake, because, you know, I want to keep my cells healthy.

For the meat lovers, there's sirloin steaks, barramundi fillets and more. You're certainly spoilt for choice. While the emphasis is on macros, and more specifically, protein, each meal has a range of micronutrients too. While I tried the plant-based meals, D tried the meat variety, and we loved them. We had both been working solidly at the time and just needed something quick and enjoyable for our evening meals. They tasted great!

The Run Down offer fresh meals to your door. They're perfect for portion control, and you know exactly what you're getting in each meal. They're low GI, all natural, include healthy carbs, and are free from dairy, additives and any nutritional nasties.

There are a range of plans to choose from. From performance-meals to muscle gain and scultping, have you covered. You can also take out a zero-commitment subscription so that you're never without your meals.

Who will benefit?

Busy professionals that want to monitor and look after their health, but have little time, will benefit from this subscription. Your meals are delivered to your door and are fresh for seven days. Those that are looking to take the plunge into health and fitness and need a helping hand will also find beneficial.

To check out and order your Macros meals, visit


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