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Magic Mushrooms With Zoi Organic

I have been hearing so much about the benefits of mushrooms lately. So, when Zoi offered me selection of their mushrooms powders, I was more than happy to try them.

Mushrooms have a wealth of benefits, and ZOI's organic blends are all filled with amazing life-giving properties. From anti-aging to improved energy and sleep, these mushrooms are perfect for anyone looking to biohack their body.

In Chinese medicine, Tremella and Reishi mushrooms were used for their youth-giving superpowers. They are beauty boosters and were loved among the wealthy and noble. Of course, as a beauty lover, I just had to try them out.

Mushrooms have been discussed in biohacking circles for a while. It is only recently, however, that they have come to mainstream attention. Their potent properties include increasing libido, energy, focus, and longevity.

As the mushrooms are in powder form (and their properties are obviously harnessed), you can use them to flavour salads, vegetables, soups and smoothies. I added mine to my smoothies and vegetables. I had the Tremella in the morning and the Reishi at night. Reishi helps with relaxation and sleep, so I figured it would be better before bed.

While it will take a while for the benefits to kick in, I did notice that I didn't get sick when a close friend had a contagious virus. I can't say it was because of taking the mushrooms, as I take other super-potent vitamins and minerals, but I dare say adding a great supplement like this can help.

There are so many great ways to try Zoi Organic mushrooms, and so many recipes for you to make, so do check them out at


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