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My Friday Favourites

This week's Friday Favourites list will be short and sweet (just like me) because I've delved into the art of creating IGTV videos. You'll get to hear carefully constructed speech (I mean, my ramblings!!) on Instagram instead. 

So what's on the Friday Faves list this week?

1. Jorganic Beauty's Konjac Sponge. So, I'm a little fascinated by Korean beauty and have been (attempting) to follow the whole 10 step beauty programme that these Asian goddesses follow in the pursuit of perfect skin. The konjac sponge added a natural addition to my skincare regime and I've been using the turmeric sponge to clean my skin. It's perfect since you don't need to add cleanser, although I do a quick cleanse before using it, and it feels great against the skin. 

The amazing thing about this sponge is that, not only is it all natural and cleanses without lotion, it was rock solid when it arrived. You just add warm water and it softens and feels spongy. Pretty cool, huh?!

Check 'em out at 

2. Terre Rose Australian Pink Clay Mask because, well, it's pink. This mask is vegan, natural and filled with goodness. Simply apply it to the skin and watch it harden. 

Personally, I've just found out this mask is named after an Australian wine....and, I have most likely been pronouncing it completely wrong.

Skin felt amaaazing after. Bright, glowing, clean and fresh. 

Check them out here: 

3. WiWE Cardiac Diagnostic Tool is a pretty handy pocket-device that checks for any heart abnormalities. Simply download the WiWE app and follow the instructions. This device can potentially save lives because if you know there's something wrong in advance, you can take the necessary safeguards to prevent any serious issues. 

Pronounced wIve and not wee wee! ;)

For more information, go to: 


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