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Nakheel: Organic Bedding and Towels With a Touch of Luxe

Picture: Amtuzehra Abbas, Founder.

Nakheel, the name of the GOTS-certified organic cotton brand that has come out of Sydney, Australia, is Arabic for Date-Palm tree. The name is significant as the brand embodies the nature of this tree; unhurried, leisurely and with a long life. They're a brand that offer bedding, towels, and lovely, quality blankets for our little ones.

I was impressed with the award-winning brand's quality. Sustainability and environmental impact are important to me, but quality is prized because it means that the bedding will last a long time. It's the type of bedding that our grandparents had for decades; it signals cosiness and longevity.

I was amazed at the beautiful package that turned up at my door from Nakheel. Their values speak volumes because their packages came in sustainable, compostable bags, emphasising that nature and the environment are truly important to them. Inside each package was a carefully presented towel and bed-set. The colours and the quality are beautiful, and I am absolutely in love with the sage green bedding.

About Nakheel

Nakheel is a family run business. It is a business with strong environmental values, using only 100% GOTS certified cotton. This means that each towel, blanket or bedding has a luxe feel, that is durable, high quality, and timeless.

Nakheel's founder, Amtuzehra Abbas, is firm in her stance on why Nakheel is an ethically-run business with longevity in mind. Her aim is to place people and the planet at the forefront of the business. Her team ensure a meticulous practice in creating each product that Nakheel sells. In the long-run, she hopes to have a loyal customer base that is dedicated to her brand, knowing that she has put her heart into creating a beautiful, respectful business. Despite just launching the business in 2022, Nakheel have already won bronze in this year's Clean and Conscious Awards.

Nakheel is a carbon neutral brand. They only use organic cotton and have sustainable manufacturing practices in place that significantly lower their CO2 emissions. However, rather than simply aiming for net zero, Nakheel aim to benefit the environment through creating an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They have environment preservation initiatives in place too.

Quality. Beauty. Sustainability.

One thing that I look for in a company is quality. I love a luxe feel, but I also need to know that what I buy will last. I know that a quality like Nakheel's means that I won't need to purchase new sheets for a long time. They're made to last. Knowing this, means I will also take the time to nurture them so that they last as long as they're made to.

Less is more. This is true in a world that is living in overconsumption. Quality trumps quantity any day. If something is made with beauty, with a story, we tend to value it more. I love that Nakheel is a family-owned company and based here in Australia. I love that it's a story that I can follow too. Amtuzehra has provided a vision for what she hopes to achieve. This is something that we can all get behind.

If you'd love to follow Nakheel's story and check out their beautiful products, visit their website here,


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