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Omana LED Light Therapy Mask

I've been an avid fan of LED light therapy for years. I have loved the benefits of red light therapy for promoting collagen production and skin healing, so when Omana sent me this mask, I was thrilled.

Usually, we'd have to head to a clinic for our light therapy and repeated use can be costly. So, having a home LED mask is perfect as I can pop on the mask in the comfort of my own bed. It's super relaxing too.

LED therapy has been around for years. In fact, it is NASA endorsed. It has multiple benefits, but has been especially good for skin healing and wound treatments. I also had multiple in-salon treatments years ago for a skin reaction and it worked wonders.

The Omana mask comes with three different lights: red, amber and blue. Each one has a different function and they all have different benefits. For instance, the red light is perfect for collagen production, blue light is great for spots and skin cleaning as it is antimicrobial, and the amber light is good for skin tone and reducing pigmentation.

The mask emits light for 25 minutes and changes between the colours, although you can do an extended red light session if you choose (or any choice of colour for that matter). It is also so easy to use. You simply plug it in and press the sensor on the side to start. You can then lie back and enjoy. On a number of occasions, I have found it so relaxing that I fell asleep. It turns itself off after the full session.

Daily use of the mask is recommended and changes take place quickly. My skin certainly felt a lot brighter and clearer from using this mask. Obviously, collagen production is a process and that will take a little bit longer.

I highly recommend this mask. I love it. It is the perfect addition to a home facial kit and it will mean you save lots of money too.

Mask was gifted for the purpose of a review.*


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