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Ritua Wellness: Sleep Made Simple

Since coming back from my overseas trip, I have focused on heading to bed early and prioritised my sleep hygiene. Gone are the midnight scrolling and late-night Netflix sessions, and in their place, are cozy bedtime routines and early nights. I also leave my phone outside my bedroom door. It stops me from mindlessly scrolling late at night, but it also ensures I get out of bed early in the morning for a workout or some mindfulness.

Ritua Health supplements are designed for sleep. They're made with a difference, though. Not only are they plant-based, but they're also designed to have a cumulative effect on the body. Most people feel the benefits after about a week or two, so you're avoiding that hard crash like you may experience with traditional sleeping pills.

Ritua's natural supplements may aid in reducing the time it takes to fall asleep, relieve disturbed or restless sleep, and increase sleep quality. These supplements combine a range of cultural medical philosophies, such as eastern and western medicine, to help harmonise the body so that sleep is made easy. For a full list of ingredients, take a look here.

About Ritua

Ritua Wellness was founded by food scientist, Jasmine Meagher, with a focus on natural, plant-derived products that aid focus, reduce stress, and harmonise better sleep. Jasmine had a number of years experience as a food technologist behind her, before launching her products earlier this year.

While these are not vitamins, the supplements do help optimise your health through the power of their superfood blends. I have been a fan of reishi mushrooms for a while, so seeing that this superfood was included in each capsule had me excited.

I feel that supplementing my diet with powerful plant medicine is key to harnessing my full potential. Seeing how plant-derived supplements can help reduce inflammation and increase longevity is something I am certainly interested in. Trying these supplements that were kindly gifted from Ritua has me shifting my focus to researching alternative medicine as a preventative health measure too.

If you'd like to find out more on how Ritua Wellness can help you optimise your health, check out


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