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STMNA Bioactives: Plant-Based Supplements Created by a Chemist

Since doing a challenge that centred on biohacking a few months ago, I have been committed to improving my health and wellbeing. The challenge was co-facilitated by Drop Bio and Amelia Phillips, a Sydney-based nutritionist. Blood tests were taken at the beginning and end of the eight-week program to check inflammation, biological age, stress and sleep levels, fatigue, and much, much more.

The program gave me insight into what I needed to focus on to improve my health, so I set out to do some further biohacking in the form of supplements. Fast forward to STMNA Bioactives, and I am utilising the power of plants to optimise my daily health.

STMNA Bioactives include bioactive compounds that are extracted from plants. The careful concoction of bioactive ingredients is chosen by scientist and CEO, Holly Williamson, who formulated them based on the best therapeutic doses that had shown strong scientific backing. Impressive!

The supplements combine both clinical evidence from trials with age old traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, thus embracing an East and West philosophy. They're totally vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, sustainable, and don't have any nasties. They come in a beautiful glass jar that can be reused each month (a separate pouch is sent to you).

Now the Science

Bioactives, short for bioactive compounds, are natural substances found in various plants and organisms that can exert a positive influence on human health and well-being. These compounds are often associated with specific health benefits, such as improved stamina, enhanced cognitive function, increased resilience to various stressors, and better skin, heart, and overall bodily health.

Each supplement contains a range of bioactive compounds that work in synergy with each other. This means that there is no need to purchase separate supplements. Each active plant ingredient works with the other to optimise the results. Each capsule contains curcumin, Boswellic acids, Procyanidins (from grape seed exract), Ashwaghanda, Resveratrol, and black pepper extract. You can read more about the extracts and bioactive compounds in each supplement here.

I started taking these supplements about a month ago, and while I am also supplementing my diet with a range of vitamins and minerals, I do feel better. I know that plant supplements are a commitment and you do need to take them for a couple of months to see better results, but I feel like I have more focus, energy, and clarity. This may be from a range of factors, but I do know that, from studying these bioactive ingredients, that the reduction in inflammation (something my blood tests showed I needed to do during the challenge) and the increase in antioxidants are so important.

Plants are good for you. It's great that we can harness the power of plants to make big changes in our lives. I also like that I don't need to buy so many separate capsules and that I have an expert that has blended the extracts precisely so that each ingredient will work to boost the others. Here's to a healthier lifestyle, harnessing the power of plants to optimise wellbeing.

If you'd like to learn more about STMNA Bioactives and the power of plant supplements, check out the website here.

*STMNA Bioactives sent me their supplements to try for the purpose of this review.


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