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The Importance of Probiotics

I think most of us have been trying to boost our immune system this year. We pop the multivitamin, the super strength vitamin C, and perhaps one of those fizzy energy-boosting tablets. There is one thing, however, that many people fail to do in their quest for health, and that is taking a good probiotic.

Probiotics are our good bacteria. Bacteria can be good or bad. The bad is what causes illness (that scratchy sore throat- yep, that's the bad bacteria in action). When we have too little good bacteria, we are more prone to getting sick.

Pre and probiotics boost our levels of good bacteria. We get the good stuff in yoghurts and fermented drinks or food. However, probiotic tablets and powders can give us a potent blend of probiotics to keep us healthy. In fact, not just healthy, but happy, as good bacteria can ensure a sound production of serotonin.

Why do we need a probiotic?

When we take antibiotics when sick, we also kill off the good bacteria, causing an imbalance that leaves us prone to getting more illness. Some non-organic foods are also laced with antibiotics, which also contribute to the lowering of good bacteria in the body.

Probiotics can help ward off illness and boost the immune system too. They ensure the body runs better. They're the perfect partner to a good multivitamin and mineral tablet.

I have been given the cranberry-flavoured ATP Science probiotic blend that you add to water, so it tastes like a nice fresh drink. As it's powdered form, it lasts so long, reducing the need to buy daily kombucha.

I have really enjoyed the blend. It's fruity, yummy, and I know that it's helping my body stay as healthy as it can be.

Check out ATP Science here:


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