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Transdermal Vitamins. Do They Work? 

I've just finished my 30 day programme with Ultimate Patch; a transdermal vitamin patch that allows vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to cross the skin barrier, delivering results via a small sticky patch on your tummy.

If you're one of those people that cannot for the life of you swallow pills, then a patch may be a way for you to supplement your diet instead.

In this day and age, where food doesn't have the nutrient density of prior decades, it's important to supplement our diet. Aim to get as much as you can with your food (eat the rainbow, as they say), but still try and up your intake of important nutrients with supplements. You'll certainly feel the difference.

How does Ultimate Patch work?

Ultimate Patch works by placing a sticker on your abdominal. You change this every three days and it lasts through baths and showers. I even went swimming in a lake with mine.

What happens is that the nutrients in the patch penetrate the skin surface and enter your blood stream. This means you avoid taking pills every day, as each patch delivers a copious dose of many nutrients.

You will be given a chart to monitor your mood and energy levels so you can see how this changes. For me, my first week wasn't as noticeable, but obviously that is because, just like any vitamin supplement, it takes a week or so to kick in. I was also due on my period that week.

The second week was better. My energy levels lifted and, the thing that I found most interesting, was that my circadian rhythm changed. I was falling asleep much earlier and waking up earlier too. This was something I'd desired for a long time so was the perfect response for me.

Depending on your body's needs, you may get different results. I can't say it altered my mood at all, but I did love that I felt much more rested.

The biggest and most noticeable difference for me was my sleep. I fell asleep hours earlier than usual, awoke earlier and slept so well throughout. This happened from the moment I put the patch on. It's also something that my body probably needed.

There are so many micronutrients in the one patch, so I know I was delivered a dose of goodness daily. I loved that. It's also great that I didn't need to remember to take anything, simply because it was stuck on for days.

All in all, I've enjoyed trying the Ultimate Patch. It's a unique way to get your supplements and is certainly helpful to those that forget to pop their daily pills or don't like swallowing large tablets.

One last thing, they also make the perfect gift. Each 30 day programme comes in a lovely, luxury envelope, which is lightweight, meaning it's easy to carry or send in the mail.

If you're after something different for a Christmas gift or want a new way to get healthy, check out for more information. ❤️


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