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Vital Dome Infrared Sauna That Heals as it Heats

I have a been a regular at Michelle Zen Beauty for the last month. Michelle takes an holistic approach to beauty, ensuring that the body and mind is relaxed and healthy, which in turn, reflects on the outside; in our skin.

Michelle offers a range of treatments. These include her legendary endermologie, which is a fantastic anti-cellulite and firming treatment, as well as traditional facials and grooming. Her vital dome is something new.

I've used an infrared sauna before, but have never lay down in a dome. The vital dome utilises traditional infrared rays to heat the body. Lying down makes it a relaxing experience and I fell asleep part way through. Michelle started my treatment at 51 degrees, but over time, you can increase the heat as your body adapts.

Interestingly, I never usually last long in saunas. I am in and out in a few minutes and can barely endure the heat. With infrared, it's different. I can relax for the full hour. My head stays cool, but my body is encased in the dome.

What are the benefits of vital dome?

Clinical studies have shown improvement in silhouette refinement, skin firmness and overall wellness. The sauna is also a good form of relaxation, pain management and helps to clear up skin.

For those, like me, that find traditional saunas unbearable, it is the perfect solution. You will feel calmer and a sense of wellbeing after. Some say that its use increases the metabolism, burns up to 600 calories per half hour session, and helps lower blood pressure. When combined with other treatments, the results can be outstanding.

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