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Wili Heat Bags: How to Relax in Style

I don't know about you, but Sydney is still a bit chilly on a night. In fact, I woke up this morning and half my house was freezing. I immediately got my Wili Heat Bag out and wrapped up warm.

You may be thinking what are Wili Heat Bags? They're heat bags that you can wrap around your neck, back, place on your knees, tummy or even in your hands. They have also designed, what I believe to be, the perfect eye mask.

The heat bags aren't just for warming up. They're designed to soothe aching muscles and sore eyes. If you're feeling tense, putting your heat bag around your neck is perfect. For me, they're great after a hike or run, or even when I've been on my laptop all day.

If you're feeling tense, popping on the eye mask is a great way to relax tight, tired eyes.

The great thing about these heat bags is that they have the best designs. I love how colourful mine are. Their summery colours make them the great cheerful gift for anyone. Most people love a heat bag, regardless as to whether they exercise or not. It simply helps them relax.

These heat bags are filled with Australian grown lupins, which means they're allergy and odour free. They're also 30% lighter and retain the heat longer.

For a range of colours and heat bags, visit @wiliheatbags on instagram. ❤️


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