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WIWE Fit: Your Personal Pocket-ECG

My dad called me to tell me his new ECG had arrived. As someone in the technological dark ages, he needed some direction on how to get his new gadget up and running. Thankfully, the WIWE pocket device is so easy-to-use that it’s even dad-friendly.

My dad has had some cardiac-related issues, and, without divulging his personal medical history to the masses, he takes some medication to keep his ticker ticking. I like it like that. I’d prefer him to be kept alive. Having a device that’s simple to use and records and analyses your ECG anywhere and anytime is handy. No clinician needed.

So, what is an ECG?

According to Better Health, “an electrocardiogram (ECG) is a medical test that detects heart problems by measuring the electrical activity generated by the heart as it contracts.” An ECG is a useful test because it can potentially foresee any possible future abnormalities. It tests for stroke, arrhythmia, sudden cardiac arrest risk, and blood oxygen and heart rate measurements. This report can then be shared with family and friends and given to your GP.

WIWE is recommended by clinicians. It’s not just those with diagnosed heart problems, but those that are health conscious too. Many people would like to be aware of any potential issues and be able to nip those in the bud before any serious problems occur. With the WIWE this is possible.

WIWE uses a worldwide unique intelligent algorithm to analyse the properties of the ECG wave and assess whether there is a real risk of heart attack or stroke. It’s a small enough device and can easily fit in your pocket. What’s even better, though, is that it gives you an instant result. The report from your very own ECG comes through in just one minute.

Step by Step Instructions Make WIWE ECG Easy

I tried the WIWE myself. The instructions were simple to follow. I simply downloaded the WIWE app and filled in my profile. I was able to connect the device to my smart phone via Bluetooth and my phone did it freely- simply accept the device on your screen. I then used the small, handheld device, placing my index fingers over the readers as the device tracked my heart rate.

Once done, the WIWE app feeds the results back to you and indicates whether there are any issues of concern. They use the traffic light system for this.

For more information on WIWE’s cardiac diagnostic device, visit:


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