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A Little Bit of Korea: Skincare That Works

You may have heard that there is a Korean skincare revolution going on. Yes, the ten-step programme to beautifying has been a major hit.

For some, utilising all ten steps has been a bit of a chore and we want to harness the power of Korean beauty technology in a fraction of the time. You can certainly do this with Rojank.

Rojank offer skin, hair and cosmetics from Korea, and you know you're getting top notch. I was able to try their hyaluronic and gold masks, night lotion (which includes a cooling gel and asparagus) and some face powder. It's moderately bronzing so you get a glow without the caked-on bronzed look. It also helps seal in my SPF, taking away the shine.

The packaging is also nice. I love how the powder comes in cardboard with a lovely old-school make-up powder brush. It feels like I'm a Hollywood starlet in the 1930s.

The cooling feel of the night cream is wonderful. It's so hydrating and soaks in during sleep. It also has these tiny grains of gold in it, which blend straight into the skin. Of course, all natural ingredients that de-puff and hydrate.

If you're a lover of all things Korean, and want to check out their hair, skin and beauty range, go to or visit their shop on Bondi Junction.


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