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Alivio Wellness: Hemp-Based Skincare to Help You Hydrate

I've been fascinated with hemp-based products lately. I know that hemp is a superfood for the skin, so I always like to keep a look out for this important ingredient.

Hemp is on the rise. It's a sustainable ingredient that is multiple purpose. Add it to soup or smoothies for a delicious dose of omega 3, but use it in skincare to keep skin soft.

Alivio Skincare

I was sent the Alivio hemp-based skincare to try a few weeks ago. The skincare is natural, Australian, vegan, paraben-free, and contains Tasmanian hemp.

First things first, this kit makes a great bathroom shelfie. I love the shade of sage green and minimalist design of the packaging.

The glycolic cleanser helps to unblock pores, exfoliate, and remove dead skin. It's great to create that perfect canvas to add your serums.

The clay mask is a great addition to the kit. It's perfect for when you have a girls' night in and want to paint your face! It unblocks pores, while simultaneously hydrating.

The hydrating serum contains hemp seed oil as its star ingredient. It is also formulated with vitamin C and bakuchiol. The hydrating serum feels like an oil on the skin and helps with brightening and evening of skin tone. It also helps skin feel super soft and radiant. I also use it over retinol before bed.

Overall, the Alivio products were lovely to try! If your skin feels dry in winter, definitely check them out. You can find their range here.


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