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Want A Salon Quality Facial at Home? Then Try The Perfect Cosmetics Company

I think I have found the most perfect at-home salon-quality facial that leaves my skin plump and hydrated.

The Perfect Cosmetic Company have salon-quality skincare at affordable prices. They're super easy to use, excellent quality, and packed with skin-loving ingredients. So, when Penny Lane, founder of The Perfect Cosmetics Company, offered to send me their range, I jumped at the chance of supporting a fellow Brit in Australia.

Penny founded the company almost 20 years ago, at a time when beauty bloggers didn't exist, and airbrushed models promoted skincare in ads. She was determined to create something that worked, that was results-driven, and that showed real results.

Developed with dermatologists and created with evidence-based ingredients, The Perfect Cosmetics Co has shown enormous results and has featured in the global media. There's an emphasis on real people, real results in their advertising, with news articles showing remarkable changes after using the range.

I must admit that I was super surprised with the results. The eye cream has a very real physiological feeling when applying it to the under-eye area. It blocks movement in the same way that an anti-wrinkle may feel. The skin care range is super hydrating, but my favourite is the facial. It's a salon-quality for at home.

Salon-Quality Facials at Home

The My Perfect Facial is an at-home three-step contouring facial that lifts, firms, and softens lines and wrinkles. One 20-minute treatment a week is enough to get salon-quality results. So, simply pour yourself a wine, run a bath, and relax. That's exactly what I did.

First things first, you apply a mix of powder and activating gel to your skin. This forms a mask that you leave on for twenty minutes. The mask contains a combination of actives include B-Hydroxy acid, a unique blend of herbs, fruit acids, proteins, minerals, and enzymes. The combination of these micro-purifying active ingredients works hard to dissolve away dead skin cells promoting a fresher, brighter, and more youthful complexion. After removing the mask with warm water, simply apply the collagen gel and your skin will be glowing.

I noticed the results of the facial straight away. I also did a facial on my husband and he was glowing too. It is recommended to do the facial weekly, but for best results start by doing three facials in the first week and two in the second. You can then do a weekly treatment to compound the results.

I was super impressed with the facial results and I can't wait to do more. To see the results of a real client of The Perfect Cosmetics Company, click here and to check out their full range, go to Readers of this blog can get 20% off the range using the discount code SS20.


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