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My First LIPOcel Treatment at Image Body Contouring

One of my favourite parts of having a blog and being a freelance journalist is getting to try out new and upcoming treatments to review.

I'm a big fan of trying out body contouring treatments as a fast and effective way to tone up.

So, when the adorable Tanisha, owner of Image Body Contouring in Rouse Hill, invited me to have LIPOcel, I was absolutely keen.

Tanisha is the gorgeous 21 year old entrepreneur that has been in the beauty business for more than five years. She's passionate about body contouring and has invested in the best devices on the market.

Her clinic is beautiful. It's a nice place of zen where you can switch off from your day, while you also see fantastic results at the end of your treatment.

I'm less about the relaxation and more about the results, but I do love being in a room where the aesthetics are on point. Thankfully, at Image Body Contouring you get the best of both worlds.

What is LIPOcel?

LIPOcel is a body contouring that reduces fat cells in the area that the device is applied. It utilises HIFU radio frequency and heats the area to 1.3cm below the skin's surface so that the fat cells die in the process. LIPOcel reduces fat cells by 40% and you'll notice a 5% reduction immediately after. You'll see the remaining over a period of 12 weeks. Two sessions, three weeks apart, are recommended.

I decided to focus on two areas of my thighs that are commonly known as saddlebags. I joke that this area is the food storage for my breastfed daughter! And, while I'm slim, this area is more noticeable to me, so I wanted it to look more toned.

Tanisha first marked up the areas on my upper thighs that I wanted focused on. She then sprayed some water to cool the area and placed the applicator over.

I initially felt a warm sensation with the occasional zap feeling, but overall the treatment is bearable. You could even watch a TV show or do some work while the treatment is taking place. All in all, it took about 30 minutes to do the areas I wanted.

After the treatment, I felt the area looked smoother. I'm looking forward to seeing the final results over the next few months as the fat cells are expelled from my body.

I'd highly recommend this treatment if you're experiencing stubborn areas of fat. As you know, we can't spot reduce through exercise or diet, so having a device like LIPOcel, which is non-surgical, can really help achieve your body contouring goals.

Tanisha is a wonderful clinician and I'd highly recommend Image Body Contouring in Rouse Hill.


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