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Are Red Light Beds the New Beauty Go-to? A Review of Collagen Lounge in Sydney's Waterloo

I had the chance to visit the beautiful Collagen Lounge in Sydney's Waterloo last week. Filled with the best decor, Collagen Lounge operates to help women (and men) look and feel their best.

The place is simply beautiful. The furniture is lovely and the interior is a place you'd just love to lounge in all day. The Collagen Lounge is home to some of the best beauty treatments. I got to try the collagen bed and have a nice chat about all things beauty with the lovely Sandra, owner of the lounge.

The collagen bed is a full body red light treatment that provides healing and rejuvenation to the whole body. It looks like a sunbed, but is without the harmful UV. Instead, it has red light that promotes collagen production. I fell into a deep sleep in it and woke up refreshed. I also think my eyebrows and lips healed faster as a result of using the collagen bed.

I have my own home LED face mask so I can attest to the results of frequent treatments. It is nice to get a full body treatment and have collagen production heightened throughout my body. As a new mum whose sleep has been disrupted, collagen therapy can help with the rejuvenation aspect. It's also a great place for some r'n'r.

Sandra also offers a range of treatments, including a cosmetic nurse that offers various injectables for those that want it.

The Collagen Lounge is an excellent cross between beauty and wellness. You'll leave looking and feeling great! I did! I know that multiple sessions will make me feel amazing!

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