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Be Your Own Coach

Coaching is a great way to redefine and make changes in your life. While I am a huge advocate for having that 1:1 guidance or attending development workshops- not only do they aid motivation, but there’s a sense of accountability too- however, it’s not always possible to get to your coach. So what can you do in the meantime? Goal setting and visualisation, that’s what.

So what is goal setting and visualisation?

Goal setting is about seeking clarity and writing a list of all the things you would like to achieve in a given time. By writing it down, it allows you to think of a strategic plan to achieving each goal. It also clarifies the goal in your mind and makes it more real. There is so much power in writing your specific ambitions and goals down, it even a has that magic ability in taking away doubt!

Visualisation is the ability to creatively express who you’d like to be, where you’d like to go and what you’d like to achieve. It means searching deep within yourself and ‘dreaming’ of what you would like to do if there were no obstacles; such as financial, family, work etc. One of the key ways to visualise is to draw a picture or write down your ‘perfect’ life in 5 years. This can be in every area of your life; such as family and home life, work and career goals etc. Who would you like to be and how would you live your life if you had all the money in the world? If there were no challenges? Once this has been visualised and you see the bigger picture, you can now actively set goals or milestones in reaching this visualised self. For instance, if it is to see yourself fit and healthy in 5 years’ time and running a marathon, then you can actively go about setting small steps to achieving this. Even if it seems near impossible now, small steps lead to big rewards later.

Steps to take

I’m speaking from personal experience here, but one thing I do to visualise my future self or to set goals, is to sit down and identify all the things I want to do in a given time. Here, it is important to identify whether this is a viable ambition or whether achieving this goal in a certain time means too much sacrifice in other areas I’d like to maintain. It’s important to have a healthy, mindful approach to time in visualising goals and not to put too much pressure on yourself. It is also important to identify what YOU want to do, as opposed to doing things that fulfil other’s expectations of you. You won’t be happy if you’re living another person’s dreams or ambitions. So again, be mindful of where these ambitions are coming from.

Next, be creative. This means, really searching your heart for what you want to do. Are there people out there that inspire you with their lives and achievements? Write down all the things you wish to do and who it is you want to become in a given time. To add to the creative process you could also cut out pictures and words from magazines, posters and newspapers that inspire you and create a vision board.

Once you have identified and written down your vision or created a vision board, have a read through and establish some small steps you would make to achieving one or more areas. Then identify some goals. How have those that have inspired you achieved their ambitions? You may identify some possible obstacles that get in the way, whether this is lack of time or finances. At this point, make small steps to overcome these obstacles. This can be a change in attitude, or sacrificing small and meaningless things that are causing hindrances. It can also mean taking up night classes, while holding a job to pay for it. Once you have identified these, you will have more clarity to pin point some goals you would like to achieve.

Write down your goals

By writing down your goals and putting them in a place where you will see them daily, you are more likely to stick to them. You can even tick them off on a daily task sheet or ‘to do’ list. Once one or two goals have been achieved you begin to see the fruit of your labour and how achieving these goals manifest in your life.

Over time, achieving one or two small goals can impact your life vision in a positive way. Ticking off the goals on your list has that amazing ability to increase positive feelings. Your vision begins to manifest before your very eyes and you will see how these small steps all play a role in fulfilling your ambitions. Keep going, stay strong, be encouraged. You can succeed in anything you want to.

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