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Beach N Tan Tan Review

Ever since I remember, I've been a lover of fake tan. I avoid the sun, because who wants wrinkles (or worse), and apply tanning lotion religiously.

I've had the privilege of trying a lot of self-tan over the years. From the mainstream tanning lotions to healthier brands, I've probably tried them.

Beach N Tan is a tanning brand that is healthy for the skin. It's a vegan brand, that's cruelty-free, and it works in the traditional way, through application with a mitt. Once applied to the skin, simply leave for between 4 and 8 hours and then wash off. You'll be left with a cute bronzed, but natural looking tan.

I found Beach N Tan gave me a beautiful glow. I put on one layer and left it overnight, but two layers would give a very bronzed look. Naturally, you're in control of the outcome.

Beach N Tan is a great self-tan that comes in mousse form. It's application is easy and the outcome is a luscious glow. It's healthy for the skin. You'll love it.

For more information on Beach N Tan, visit their website at


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