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Beauty That's For Keaps

As you may know, I'm a fan of natural, clean ingredients in my beauty cabinet. Anything that is handmade or made from nature's goodness (and cruelty-free, of course), is something that I love to try, and then, of course, promote.

So when I received Kear Life's KEAP products, I was overjoyed. KEAP sent me their balms to try. I received a face balm and some body balms and proceeded to put them to the test.

One of the body balms contained arnica, which I used on my lips as they were healing from the lip blush treatment. It sped up the healing process and my lips healed in half the amount of time. I love it so much that I've continued to use it as a lip balm.

The second balm was used on my legs and feet. I found it softened them and made them look summer-ready. The oils soaked right in. I applied it before bed.

The face balm smells delicious. It's fruity, and filled with nutritional goodness for the skin. Each balm is made from beeswax, olive oil, and is infused with botanicals and antioxidants.

My skin feels so much more hydrated, and after being out in the sun, it's the perfect hydrator and skin rescuer.

I usually put the balms on before bed. That way I can layer on a lot and allow it to sink in overnight. I wake up and my skin has slurped it all up. Putting on a thin layer under SPF would be good too as it will help any matte sunscreen appear less dry against the skin.

Organic, hand-produced and natural skincare is growing. Most of us have turned away from high street skincare a long time ago. If you're after a clean skincare kit that's filled with goodies, hydrates, and protects, then KEAP is your brand. Check them out at


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