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Clay Masks: Are They Worth the Hype? 

I've been sampling several clay masks. Some come in ready-made tubs of goodness that you simply smooth onto your face, while others are a simple powder that you mix with water.

From pink, green and white, to everything in between, clay masks seem to be revolutionising the skin industry. They're natural, simple to use, and free from toxic ingredients. So simple, in fact, that they come from the idea that mud is good for us. Why else would we paint ourselves in mud at the local spa?!

While more messier than your normal face mask (I'm not going to lie here, they're tougher to get off), they do make skin feel firmer, cleaner and free of impurities after use.

If your skin is dry, simply use less regularly or keep on the skin less. Alternatively, you can just add it to oily parts of the skin, such as the T-section or nose.

This week, I got to try the Brulsano masks that were sent in a range of colours. I mixed them together as they were sent in powder form and used them on my face, neck and shoulders while standing in the shower. My skin felt softer after, but there was some major cleaning of the bathroom floor.

I was also sent a lovely kit from Nur (insert umlaut above the 'u') Skin range. The mask was already pre-mixed and contained some additional natural ingredients to benefit the skin. I used this on my face, and while it felt great, my face was a little red after, meaning this would be good to use on a night before bed. Within an hour, my face was normal and glowy again.

What I found fantastic about this product was that it came with a lovely smelling rose hydrating spray. Skin can feel super tight after a clay mask, so spraying with a hydrator can add that good dose of hydration that the skin craves. It also smells yummy too. It's got a real floral smell and rose is so good for the skin. Again, each ingredient is natural.

Nur (with umlaut) means 'only' in German. When one cannot apply an umlaut, we simply add an e after the vowel in its place. So Nur would be Nuer. It makes sense that the brand would call itself Nuer as the skincare only has natural ingredients and nothing else.

So, do clay masks work? Yes, they do. But, it's important to know that they work by bringing impurities to the surface. They draw them out. Skin can feel tight and does need hydrating after, so make sure you have a good serum, hydrating mist or oil at hand.

Alternatively, you can try the Edible Beauty overnight clay night cream. It both moistures and purifies and can be left overnight too.

Visit for more details on their handcrafted skincare that's made in Australia.


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