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Comfy Shoes for Christmas: These Ugg Express Shoes Will Have You Walking High in Style

I was recently gifted a pair of Tarramarra foldable shoes. Shoes that were so comfy, yet stylish, and easy to carry around. It meant that I could easily switch between my heels and flats, because my flats were carried neatly in my handbag.

I must admit, I am a heels kinda gal. I prefer heels because they appear more stylish than simple flats, but with these Tarramarra foldable shoes, that changed. I love the stylish leopard print that pair nicely to jazz up any outfit. I like how they feel like slippers, but for the outdoors. They also come in several colours and prints. I found the classy yellow leopard ones perfect for me, as I knew they would add a touch of glam to any plain outfit. Here’s a photo of me wearing them:

If you know a shoe lover, then you’re perhaps wondering what to get them for Christmas. If so, look no further than Ugg Express Australia, who have a range of heels, stylish flats, trainers, and actual UGG boots. They come in his or hers, so everyone is covered.

As a vegan, I avoid leather or any product that could be deemed cruel to animals. While Ugg Express Australia have a range of leather products, they also have vegan-friendly shoes and trainers too. The flats that they sent me were man-made, but still had that high quality feel.

Ugg Express is not just an UGG retailer. They offer a range of apparel. If shoes aren’t your thing, check out their clothing, accessories, and fitness range. For now, here are some shoes that you’ll love.

For Ugg Express Australia's full range of shoes, check out their website here.

For more from their foldable range, look here.


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