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Dermalist Skincare Essentials 

Active skincare is paramount for healthy, youthful skin, but many people don't know where to start or who to buy from.

I'm deadset against high street brands. A well-known high end department store brand left my skin inflamed, itchy and bright red. I'd totally avoid those brands made by large multinationals as they're simply toxic and filled with harmful chemicals that are both damaging to the skin and environment.

All of the brands I work with are either cosmeceutical or natural. Cosmeceutical means using medical-grade ingredients in their skincare, whereas natural are pretty much edible. Although, please don't go ahead and eat your skincare.

At Dermalist, they make skincare that is based on science, which is cruelty-free and is based on strict conviction. Their motto being conscience-based, scientific skincare. Each range is vegan, harnessing the best of science, and cares for the environment. It also gives customers free choice. They offer both a luxury packaged range or a sustainable option and I'm hoping more people will choose sustainable as they're still so beautifully wrapped.

How do they work?

I am super impressed with the range. In fact, this brand is probably one of the best ranges I have tried. I'd never used a cleansing wand and it was a bit of a novelty to try with my lactic acid cleanser. The cleansing wand helps clean further, and, also, by use of massage and vibration, stimulate collagen production. It's also superbly boxed and I feel would look like an ornament on my bathroom cabinet. It screams luxury, but at an affordable price.

Lactic acid is a natural cleanser and helps remove dead skin cells. It's also less harsh than glycolic, so a good everyday cleanser. It can be a stepping stone to using higher percentage glycolic cleansers too.

I also used their glycolic exfoliating wash. A tiny amount is needed and you must only gently wash as the beads are fairly large. Scrubbing it on the skin can cause micro tears, which aren't good.

After that, and this was the best, I used their serum. It was incredible, filled with a blend of peptides including synake (that has a botox effect on the skin), kakuda, vitamin C, niacinamide and more. Impressed? You should be. It's probably my favourite product to date. Peptides are an incredible addition to any skin serum, and when blended with other actives, they save so much time on applying multiple ingredients. Winning!

Just a note though, you should only use a small amount of serum. I regularly use active ingredients and my skin is prepped, but even I went red after using more than the recommended amount of serum. For newbies, increase from twice weekly to daily and mix with a moisturiser to begin with.

Honestly, if you want to look after your skin, start using actives. They're so important for increasing collagen production and refining skin tone. Reversing pigmentation and wrinkles can be costly, so having a daily regime can prevent this.

Avoid using high street brands at all costs, unless they're natural, vegan, and free of nasties. Also, try not to wash your face in the morning. Water is all you need and a good cleansing regime before bed is perfect. Always hydrate and never leave home without SPF.

I'm super happy with the Dermalist range. Why? Because, it saves time before bed. Their skin range is blended with a variety of actives so it means that you can apply less serums and cleansers to your skin. You also need less products.

For more information, visit my instagram account at sarah_tottle and enter my competition to be in with a chance to win a Dermalist Skincare set. Alternatively, pop to their page or hit me up for a discount code.


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