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Do You Need Post-Partum Recovery Tights? A Review of Emamaco Maternity.

I had an emergency C-section exactly 6 weeks ago. When I first looked down at my tummy post-surgery, I was shocked to see it was shaped like a triangle and poked out at the belly button.

I was in a newborn loved-up haze, so I wasn't too fazed about what my tummy looked like, but I did think about how I wanted to have a strong core to help lift my baby. The nurse looking after me also referred me to a physio for a check-up, who subsequently gave me a stretchy band to wear, and the next day my tummy had gone down.

Diastasis recti is the medical term for the separation of abs during pregnancy. Most, if not all, women will get a degree of muscle separation. Mine was relatively normal and didn't need any additional physiotherapy, but I was recommended to wear a band for six weeks. I also had the C-section area that was sensitive and needed some support.

This is where recovery-wear comes in. Recovery garments support the healing process by helping to keep everything in place. They also shape and flatten the area, acting as a shape-wear too. They're a compression garment, so they feel tight, yet supportive around your healing tummy.

I was a bit slack in wearing my recovery band that was given to me by the physio at the hospital, so I looked into other options. The other options included activewear or day wear that I could wear as clothing, as opposed to a band that, while good, was difficult to wear under clothes.

I had the privilege of testing the recovery pants from Emamaco. They sent their high-waisted compression tights and a zip up Rosetta top to try. The Rosetta top is a convenient, body-hugging activewear top that also comes in a nursing option.

I absolutely love the recovery leggings. While I was gifted these for the purpose of a blog review, I ended up purchasing the recovery shorts too. The recovery pants are super versatile. I wore them as dress pants, but they're great for working out as well. You certainly need the compression when you begin to work out after having a baby!

The garments took 12 months to perfect. They're supportive, waterproof, breathable, and prevent overheating. They're also fluff-proof, so great if you have pets.

How Do They Feel?

The recovery pants were certainly a challenge to get on at first. They're tight, but they're also meant to be like that. They're meant to be firm so that they hold everything in place. That said, once they're on, they're like a second skin and feel comfortable. They are great for working out, as well as lounging at home.

My advice is to get in early when it comes to recovery tights. So long as your doctor or physio gives you the go-ahead, then the earlier you start the better. That said, support and shape-wear can help at any time!

If you're looking for well-made recovery-wear that also looks good, then check out the Emamaco website here.


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