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East Meets West With Beaucon Haircare 

With its minimalist packaging and nourishing natural ingredients, Beaucon's haircare range wouldn't look out of place in and amongst the Scandi decor that's making waves across the world.

I'm a fan. Their shampoo and conditioner comes in large white bottles with black writing. The brand encapsulates the minimalist approach to beauty; an approach that only uses the best of the best of natural, earth-sourced ingredients.

Herbs from Asia are mixed with western ingredients to nurture the hair. These ingredients nourish without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Important if you want healthier, thicker locks.

I tried the Beaucon range and chose the nourishing range, but they also have a vast amount to choose from. I also have samples of the volumising range, perfect if you're after a bit of a bounce.

Why did I choose the nourishing range?

I'm all for feeding my hair. The lotions I place on my body, and the haircare I put on my head, are food to add nutrients. Each strand needs to be fed goodness, making it healthier from within.

Many high-street brands strip our hair and head of nutrients instead of pumping it full. If you've used a common high street brand, you may have felt that dryness after washing. Your hair may feel stripped of oils and become frizzy. That doesn't happen with a natural range of haircare as they're free of the nasties that cause this.

The Asian herbs that are infused in the haircare offer some additional goodness. You probably wouldn't have experienced a perfect blend of eastern and western goodness in haircare before, but I'm telling you that with Beaucon, now is the time to try.

For more information, check out Beaucon on instagram, and check out their website here:


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