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Eco-friendly Cloth Nappies from Hippybottomus: My Review

I always wanted to use eco-friendly nappies with my daughter, but as a new mum, those early days of sleepless nights meant I chose the easier option.

I'd not really found any easy-to-use reusable nappies. They all seemed so old school and difficult. I'd ordered a bunch, but didn't bother to use them.

That was until Hippybottomus sent me a bunch of their reusable cloth nappies with their amazing designs.

It turns out that there are easy-to-use cloth nappies that don't get messy. The instructions make it all the better.

Cloth nappies are much better for the environment, naturally. They can also be great for your baby's bottom. They're soft, functional, and durable.

Why Hippybottomus?

Each Hippybottomus comes with a charcoal bamboo liner that helps with absorbency. You can also add an additional liner for night time protection. Layering a bamboo tissue over the liner makes it much cleaner and easier to use. You can simply dispose of the bamboo tissue, while soaking and washing the nappies.

The nappies are also waterproof, meaning they're great for swimming or a day at the beach. You don't need an additional waterproof layer.

The nappies are made with nature loving materials and the concept was forged by a Sydney mum of three who wanted to encourage other mums to think about using cloth nappies.

Since they're easier to use (much easier than others I've bought), they're definitely a great choice.

The nappies come with their own wash bag that protects them in the wash. Instructions are given for ease of use. They also come in a range of cute designs that mean my daughter doesn't need to pop on some bloomers over the top of her nappies.

Some councils may also offer rebates to help with the cost of cloth nappies, so check out whether your area offers such a program.


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