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Esk Skincare Review 

If you were to esk me, Esk Skincare would be one of the best brand I've had the privilege of trying.

I've always known the benefits of a good skincare regime. I do use masks, have facials and other weekly treatments, but it's also important to have a daily regime.

I know many people struggle with not knowing where to start. There's a whole host of active ingredients that companies say are the next big thing, but choosing some to have in your everyday skincare cabinet can be tricky. Even more so when we know that certain 'actives' can react with each other, so we know we must choose how and when to use them accordingly.

With ESK, the daily guide is printed clearly on the skincare product. It also labels which order to use them, which is perfect for skincare novices.

I got to try the travel kit, which contained a range of amazing skincare products from a great lightweight cleanser that didn't strip my skin, to vitamin C, niacinamide, SPF, retinal A and glycolic acid.

These actives gently rejuvenate skin, exfoliating and ridding the top layer of dead skin cells, meaning the other actives can penetrate further.

I was given the anti-aging and anti-pigmentation skincare pack and I noticed a great difference. More so because they're perfect for everyday use.

Now I do use prescription-strength retinol, so my skin is already prepped and line-free, the skincare pack from ESK is perfect for use when I don't use retinol. Often this is during a holiday or summer months, as prescription retinol can make skin photosensitive. Retinal A, which is what ESK use, is easily tolerated and less likely to make skin feel sensitive.

I'm pretty certain that this skincare pack would have such a good impact on skin that has never used an active ingredient before. That's why I'm promoting it. ESK is simple to use, has perfect active ingredients, and is great for any skin type. You'll get top notch support from them too.


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