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Esse's Repair: Oil That Works

I must admit, I'm like Queen Esther when it comes to my oils; I practically bathe in them.

Oils are perfect for any skin type. Especially the Esse Repair Oil that is filled with omega goodness. It contains flaxseed, rosehip and marula. It's the perfect blend for hydrating the face, hair and body. A little goes a long way too.

Oils have long been used to help with scar reduction, and Kevin, who is the distributor for Esse Australia, recommends using it to reduce the appearance of scars. I have a tiny one on my leg post-accident, when I came off my bike. While it's small, it's shiny and pink, and I want to obviously smooth it out. Oils help wound healing too.

I love using oils on my face, but I'm pedantic about what I use, because some oils are filled with nasties. Esse is an organic brand and the combination of oils used are natural. Perfect for the skin on the face. I add it before bed to hydrate

It has also long been known that oils help prevent the appearance of wrinkles through decreasing fine lines on the skin. Oil is the perfect addition to any skincare, and I often say, if you can't afford skincare, use a good natural oil instead.

I'm always impressed with the Esse range. Their foundation is my favourite ever foundation and this oil may well be my favourite oil soon too.

Check out their entire range at

*Esse Australia gifted me these products, but did not ask for a review. I chose to write up because they are simply great products.


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