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Eterno-Beauty: My Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Experience

I should start by saying this post has not been sponsored.

In the pursuit of permanent beauty come rain, hail or shine, I visited Eterno-Beauty in Bondi Junction for the natural lashliner experience.

Last year, I experienced lip blush and microblading. These are two forms of semi-permanent makeup that gives a natural, elegant finish. I have done a couple of blogs on these, which you can read too.

My main concern when getting semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing is it being unnatural and "fake looking", but I have since realised that a good practitioner makes it look perfectly natural.

I like a bit of glam, and sometimes I like my makeup routine to be effortless, so having it there and ready is great. Plus, make-up that looks natural is perfect for me.

Having had a successful experience with microblading and lipblushing (I went to Master Lashes and Jamila's Beauty Bar, respectively), I was recommended Selena at Eterno Beauty for my eyeliner. She offers lashliner that looks super natural and is blended to suit your complexion.

What is semi-permanent eyeliner?

Semi-permanent eyeliner is a cosmetic pigment that's added to the lash line. It's blended in to make a natural finish, making your eyes pop. I had both my top and bottom lash lines done, and the finished result was a soft blend that enhanced my eyes, making my eyelashes look thicker.

The process involves adding numbing cream to the lash line, leaving it for 45 minutes, and then the pigment is added. Selena had also discussed my expectations and I wanted a natural, but glam look.

The pigment was painless. You can't feel it being added, but I could see Selena do her thing.

Selena went over the area several times, ensuring the area was even, and then showed me my eyes to see if I'd like more blend added. I did, of course, because I wanted a slightly more glam look.

Afterwards, I was told not to wear make-up for 5 days and to add a gel to help with the healing. Surprisingly, my liner healed so quick. Within a few days, it felt like it was healed and better, and I was super impressed with the results.

To be honest, I'm just so happy because it saves time. It means I can go makeup-free and still be groomed. It also makes my blue eyes pop and I've received so many compliments.

Eterno-Beauty is situated in Bondi Junction.


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