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Feeling Filthy Clean

I got home to a bunch of parcels from various PRs and brands. Oscar, the wee black and white cat, was in his element at receiving some new toys in the form of cardboard boxes. The joys of being a surrogate cat son of a writer.

I was also in my element when I received my goodies from Filthy Clean. The box of essentials included a lip rub and body scrub that was so delicious that I had to jump in the shower and try it right this evening.

The scrubs are handcrafted from all-natural ingredients and are so good that you can actually eat them, which is bad since I chose the two most unhealthy flavours: peanut butter and salted caramel.

I loved the smells so much that my nose lingered in the packet for a little too long. I also applied waaaayyy too much to my body. I just didn't want that salted caramel smell to stop.

Even though my lips are soft already, the lip rub is the perfect exfoliator. If you have any dry skin, this is a must.

With Christmas around the corner, these perfect little gems are the best gift ideas. Filthy Clean also make products for babies too; great for sensitive little skin.

You'll be amazed at their products, so check them out on instagram at @filthyclean. Your won't regret.


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