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Flave: Plant-Based Ready Meals For People on the Run

I've been vegetarian for 23 years now. Back then, soy and meatfree products didn't have quite the taste they do now. While I was committed to my convictions, I did want vegetarian food to taste better and be healthier.

Over the years, I've adopted a plant-based diet during the week. I wanted to focus on the planet, support animal rights even more, and my health. Too much dairy upsets my tummy too.

While I chose to become a vegetarian because of animal rights, I opted for a plant-based diet to help the environment and increase my overall health.

Plant-Based Treats

Throwing a salad together is easy, but preparing vegan-based meals can take time. If you're a busy professional, this meal prep may be too time consuming. You may also have just started your plant-based journey and don't know where to start. With Flave, their ready-made plant-based meals are easy to make. They've done the preparation for you.

Flave deliver meals on Mondays and you can opt for a weekly plan, meaning dinner is prepared for the next seven days. That's what I'm trying.

The meals are delicious. They're healthy, tasty and are ready to eat in a few minutes. From lasagna to Irish-style stews, you can rest assured that these treats won't leave you bored. They're far from bland.

If you're trying to monitor macros, Flave are a good healthy choice too. Flave are clean and green, Chef-prepared, and deliver your subscription direct to your door.

Check out their choice of meals and plans here:


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