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Hair Care That's Simply Common Sense

I've been wanting to review some hair products for a while. I've talked a little about how my once thickish, long locks became weak and fragile after a really stressful couple of years several years ago. It was such a stressful time that my black jacket would be covered in blonde hairs by the time I got through the morning rush hour en route to work.

I was one of those gals that didn't really think too much about hair. Mine is poker straight and can dry naturally within an hour in the hot Aussie sun. I could just wash, brush and leave it to do its thing.

But...then, I noticed that my hair was becoming more and more fragile. Actually, I saw pictures from a few years ago and my hair was noticeably thicker. I just knew the stress had weakened it.

So, I set about finding haircare that would transform my locks. I've been privileged to try a few and some are just worth the investment. From keratin (non-nasty) to growing solutions, laser and vitamins, I've racked up a few to review.

I've been impressed with how many of them have transformed the condition of my hair. My hair has grown much faster and is now a lot thicker. It's not exactly where I want it to be, but it's on its way.

Why Common Sense?

Common Sense sent me their Retreat leave in treatment to try and I was simply amazed. It smells great, which for me, is important thanks to nostrils that soak up smells pretty well.

It also left my hair hydrated, healthy, smoother and thicker. I tried it both before and after my keratin treatment, which, because it's free of sulfates and all that nasty nonsense, you can use on treated hair. It worked just as well before and after.

I honestly felt like it was like a cosmetic injection to my hair. My hair felt filled with life (and youth) and was more volumised. I can thank the macademia nut oil and kakuda plum extract for that. I like it so much that I'm sat with it in right now, as I catch up on blogs and work.

The treatment is leave in, meaning you can leave it overnight or even pop in for the day. I had some in as I ran errands yesterday. It's virtually unnoticeable beyond the fruity smell you will have. No need for hair perfume now.

To try the Common Sense haircare range, visit them on instagram @commonsensehaircare.


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