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Hair Hacks: The Secrets to Healthy Hair

My beauty focus these next few months is to grow my hair and have it grow in healthier and thicker.

My hair is really long anyway, but over the last few years, stress has taken its toll and it became quite fine. I knew part of this was diet too. As a vegetarian, I need to ensure that I get a good amount of micronutrients for skin and hair health.

Enter Vitable Vitamins

Vitable vitamins are tailor-made vitamins that are sent to your door. My personalised package came as the result of a health questionnaire that warranted the focus on skin and energy.

My Vitable personalised range are B vitamins tailored to help my skin, nails, and hair, while also boosting energy.

I started my month's supply and noticed a boost in energy quite quickly. As the pack contains biotin, I can be assured that hair health will follow soon. Yay!

You Beauty by Ithrive

I have noticed a substantial difference in my health from using ithrive vitamins. I was sent their B vitamin energy complex, adreno range, magnesium, calming, and the beauty range.

The You Beauty supplement contains all the essential collagen-inducing vitamins and minerals for hair and skin health. From the beginning, I noticed a rapid strengthening of my nails, and my hair appears to be growing faster. These pills are definitely worth it and have played a big role in my hair and skin health. These are vitamins that will really make a difference.

Hair Hack Shampoo and Conditioner

I used to buy any random special from the supermarket, but my hair was becoming increasingly dry, followed by too oily. I couldn't win! With too many bad hair days, I wanted to try something that would help thicken my hair.

The shampoo and conditioner combo from Hair Hack have provided a noticeable difference. They contain Capixyl, a natural substance that blocks DHT, which is one of the key reasons for hair thinning. This ingredient is coupled with a fantastic range of power nutrients that kick charge your follicles.

Hair Hack sent me their combo to test and I noticed a significant difference after a few days. My hair had more volume and oomph to it than normal.

I loved the shampoo, and the conditioner has a lovely mint smell to it, but I did find my hair needed more conditioning from a hair mask. I used the mask in addition to my combo kit so it gave me the volume, while also keeping my hair feeling silky smooth.

Protein Supplements

I'm not usually without my protein powder. For the last (almost) decade, my day starts with a chocolate flavoured shake.

As a vegetarian, ensuring I have the essential amino acids is important to my health. From a skincare perspective, protein is key to building healthy skin, hair and nails. It's also imperative to skin and hair repair.

I now mix BCAAs into my shakes, meaning I'm getting a daily dose of essential amino acids. The difference has been remarkable. Not only does it help with hair, skin and nails, but it has given me a great sense of inner well-being.

Coconut Oil

Hair can become dry from overheating and styling. I very rarely use straightening irons, and, where possible, try to let my hair dry naturally.

However, when it's cold, it does dry more slowly so I do need to use my hair dryer on these days.

As I have heat damaged my hair a number of times (thanks to multitasking!), I've started to be more mindful. I use a heat protection spray now and dry in sections. Before bed, I'll sometimes add coconut oil and sleep with it in.

Coconut oil hydrates and smooths, helping keep hair soft and silky. I wash it out in the shower the next day.

You can buy organic cold pressed coconut oil from the supermarket and leave some to melt. Take a few dessert spoonfuls and smooth it over your hair. Wash out in the morning! Voila! Soft hair awaits.


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