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Happy Li'l P'Nut: Thai Street Food That Will Make Your Night

I had the privilege of eating out at P'Nut Street Noodles this week. P'Nut offers a contemporary take on Thai food, bringing Thai street food to Australia.

I love Thai food, but if I'm honest, I choose the same extra mild Thai red curry with tofu every single time I eat out. It was probably time that I changed that up a little.

At P'Nut Street Noodles, I was able to choose from a diverse range of vegetarian choices, while D chose a nice seafood dish. We also treated ourselves to a ginger beer; a tasty treat I'd not usually opt for.

Tasty, Fast, and Impeccable Service

I was impressed with the quick and efficient service. Our food arrived in no time, and the service was without fault. The staff were positive and friendly, and gave their favourite recommendations, which helped us choose what to eat.

I am especially fussy when it comes to spicy food. I always order an extra mild dish when it comes to Thai, so having someone direct me to a good choice helped a lot.

The food was so tasty. The crispy tofu was delicious and I loved the mushroom dish that was served with my meal. I made to mental note to buy some of it as it tasted so good.

Street food is becoming very popular in Sydney. I love it when you feel you're getting authentic versions of a country's staples. You feel like you could be in Bangkok while you're eating.

Places like P'Nut offer a great place to catch up with friends or even choose for a date. It's laid back, fun, and has a chilled out vibe. The food and service are second to none too.

P'Nut's Vision

P'Nut was created by P'Nut himself. P'Nut being the nickname given to the founder of the franchise, who spent his childhood years helping create unprocessed meals at his grandmother's street stall in Thailand.

His grandmother never wanted to add processed ingredients to their food, so building on that concept, when P'Nut brought his street food idea to Australia, he wanted to base it on his grandmother's unique approach.

Based on the art of simplicity, P'Nut is delivering authentic Thai food and flavours to a kitchen near you.

P'Nut merged with Wok on Inn in 2019. They have 11 restaurants throughout Australia. Check out a stall near you or visit:


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