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Have you tried CBD oil yet?

So, it turns out that Australia has now legalised CBD oil and it can be bought in shops. This happened in February, so I'm a bit late to the table with this one, but I am glad that I get to try this for my blog.

Whether you're for the legalising of cannabis or not, CBD oil is a different kettle of fish. It's harnessed from marijuana; or more precisely, the cannabis plant, but is perfectly legal. CBD has the medicinal properties of cannabis without the nasty side effects.

As a health and fitness lover, I wanted to try this new trend to see whether it worked for me. I had heard that CBD oil can enhance performance, lower stress levels, and help with sleep, and given I needed a boost in productivity, I wanted to give this product a go. My main concern was the fact that I didn't want to get drowsy, and, as I didn't know too much about CBD oil, I was worried that I would get sleepy trying it.

The fact is, CBD oil simultaneously boosts productivity and cognitive function, while also helping with sleep at the right time, which is when you put head to pillow at night.

Lull and Co

Lull and Co kindly sent me their range of CBD oils. The two flavours include a natural flavour and mint. They also have peach lollies, but as a vegan I cannot eat these. The oils are thankfully vegan-friendly.

CBD oil has been promoted as a natural pain-relief. It also helps reduce anxiety and depression. It can reduce the symptoms associated with cancer, help with acne, and has neuroprotective properties. There are also a list of potential benefits that scientists are still uncovering, and, anecdotally, many people have benefitted from CBD oil for chronic diseases and other yet-to-be-fully-studied disorders. Watch this space for more updates on how CBD can help you.

For me, my main issue was cognitive. I wanted a boost in clarity and performance and I wanted to feel alert during the day when working. When I tried the oils, I felt more alert and had more clarity. I felt naturally calm, so I figured it had an impact on cortisol levels. I can see why people love CBD oil and are massive advocates of it.

Overall, there is a wealth of information on why CBD can help you. If you'd like to get your hands on some flavoursome goodies, check out for more information.


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