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Here's How You Can Boost Your Milk While Getting in Shape With In Shape Mummy

My little peanut is six weeks old. After an emergency C-section and a breech baby, my initial breastfeeding journey was a challenge.

Poked and prodded by some lactation consultants, my milk didn't kick in for a few days, and even then I worried about my supply. I researched the best products and supplements to help boost breastmilk, and was amazed when I came across In Shape Mummy. In Shape Mummy offer a range of products to help, you've guessed it, get in shape. The bonus is that while their products help you get into shape, they also help boost your breastmilk supply, provide you with energy, and include a good dose of vitamin C to boost your immune system. This is definitely needed as a new mum!

I was privileged to receive some PR samples for this blog. The decadent hot chocolate includes a mix of five herbs to boost milk supply, as well as a good dose of vitamin C for energy. It's a healthy hot drink, but tastes like a decadent treat, and, after having it for several nights, I did notice my energy and milk supply increase. I love a hot chocolate before bed, so knowing that this is a healthy treat that's vegan, supports weight loss or weight management, and is good for me, makes it all the better.

I also tried the chocolate shake. This makes a great breakfast smoothie. I love it on its own, but it also works well with blueberries, oats, and a bit of flaxseed as well. In fact, In Shape Mummas can join the Facebook page and share fantastic recipes. The shake has a good nutritional composition, which includes a range of vitamins and minerals, as well as the herbs that also support milk production, and protein to help keep you feeling fuller for longer. It also has chia, probiotics and acai, meaning you'll receive gut boosting bacteria and the energy from acai to top it off.

You can have the shake as a snack or a meal replacement shake, but I find it makes a great breakfast drink and something to look forward to alongside a morning coffee!

They also include snacks. I love their salted caramel peanut fudge protein bars. They're absolutely delicious (so much so that my husband kept eating them!) and an excellent treat for on-the-go.

It can be challenging to ensure you eat well as a new mum, but with support and a range of snacks and shakes on hand, you can make sure you get the nutrition you need. This is why I love In Shape Mummy. The convenience of it really helps. The fact that they're vegan and healthy are perfect. They support the fact that I am aiming to increase my fitness levels again and need the nutrition to support this!

If you'd like to buy products or check out the programs on offer from In Shape Mummy, take a look at their website here.


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